The man-faced boy

Welcome to my new subscribers, and hello to all!  This week’s story is an unusual one. The inspiration is from real life, a boy I saw on the tube once, ages ago. He was about 11 years old and his body was boyish still but his head and face were fully mature. It was disconcerting. In writing the story I found I was drawn to dark and violence. I’m not sure what that says about my mood this week!

I found out I didn’t get shortlisted in the One Word script competition. I guess that’s my first official rejection since I started writing again. There’ll be many more, so I regard it as earning my stripes.

PS. According to ‘I write like’ (a fun little netbot), this story is in the style of Jonathan Swift.

4 thoughts on “The man-faced boy

  1. Commiserations on not getting shortlisted and concurrently, welcome to my world. (I’ve got more stripes than a zebra.)


  2. About those ‘possibly related posts’…it’s a feature of the software, and helps my blog get prmoted on other people’s blogs. I don’t control it. So, please, no requests for FUD’s to me! If it’s too wacky I’ll turn it off.


  3. Robski – Rejection will be but temporary. You have talent and with practice you will get there! I’m a better poet now then I was two years ago. And its the rejection and practice that have made the difference.


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