On and on and on…

After last week’s dark turn, I set out to write something light this week…and failed. What seemed to be a short, simple idea somehow morphed into a beast that just grew and got longer, despite all my efforts to wrestle it back under control. Which is why I am three days late on my self-imposed deadline (not to mention the mid-week meltdown I had at work).

Learning to write is an interesting challenge. I’ve had the basic tools for a long time, and I know I have a certain facility with them. But the act of creating something original and truthful requires skills no one can teach you. You have to learn by doing and trust your own judgement and constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone. Every time you think you have mastered something, something else comes along to test you. It’s tough. And yet, it’s also the thing I love the most about writing. I can keep doing this until I’m in my dotage and there’ll still be more to learn.

This week’s story is The Lodgers. I have also updated the About page with some advice on leaving comments. Have a good week!

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