“Kerbcrawlers will be prosecuted”

A new addition to our neighbourhood: one of those gigantic road signs on a trailer, parked on the footpath by the intersection nearest our house. There’s a fence around it and it’s chained to the railings. This area is notorious for prostitution: our neighbours talk of the prostitute wars, and when we first moved in we liked to joke about our ho-garden (like the beer, geddit?) But since they closed Josephine Avenue it’s been much better, and I can’t say I’ve noticed a sudden increase recently that would warrant such an eyesore.

This week I discovered the Brainstormer. Reunion, this week’s story, is from my spin of the wheel, which gave me these three prompts: reunion, hellish, nomad. The result is quite a departure from my recent work.

If that’s not your taste, in honour of the start of the season for the English Premier League, may I commend to you my essay Five Reasons to Follow Football. I wrote it in the lead up to the World Cup & State of Origin, but it’s all still true. C’mon you mighty Reds!

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