I need to start getting out there

It’s nearly eight months since I started writing again, and I think it’s time I made more effort to get my writing before ‘professional’ readers and start getting some feedback. I’d really appreciate your comments on which of the published stories you like best, to help me decide which ones to submit either to competitions or as a sample when pitching for commissions.

This week’s story is another inspired by the marvellous Brainstormer (you can even follow it on Facebook!) The three phrases were enmity of kin – hippie – doctor, so meet Aaron and May….

4 thoughts on “I need to start getting out there

  1. My favourite favourites are: The man-faced boy, The Lodgers, Suspicion Casualties of War, Election Fairytale, Til Death and Less than kind (it no particular order except the first one is my No 1 fave!) I also like Tale of two seasides, Five Reasons to follow Football, Paris by velib, and Enough alreadY!


  2. I think you have sufficiently high standards for yourself that anything you put up here is worthy of publishing anywhere else. However, as far as my personal preferences go, ‘The man-faced boy’ really made an impact on me. It created such a unique and resonant atmosphere and was so beautifully written that I was close to downing tools and handing the quill over to you with an ‘I’m not worthy’ bow. (That’s still an option, BTW. I’m just hoping that I might be able to squeeze through some the gaps you can’t be bothered traversing.)


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