Two for the price of one

I joined Fictionaut this week, in an effort to get more readers for my work and it’s proved testing. There are so many very good writers on the site – if you’re a fan of fiction, get over there quick-smart – that I was intimidated, and it’s made writing this week’s story more of a challenge than usual. All those other voices kept echoing in my head.

But I’ve ridden the wave and I’ve produced not one, but two new stories this week. I may feel that some of the writers on Fictionaut are better than me (and taste is subjective) but so what? This whole project is about me learning to become a better writer and ultimately exposure to good writers – and (hopefully) getting feedback from them can only help with that effort.

So I hope you enjoy In transit and Midnight snack.

P.S. I’m very excited to note that my blog has now had more than 1000 views. Thanks so much to you all for reading, you have no idea how much it means to me.

2 thoughts on “Two for the price of one

  1. Thanks for new reading matter, I’ve sat here and read so many different things since you started your blog. Sometimes the writers are far up themselves that you can’t stop laughing, and sometimes they seem so shy you want to cheer them on. Someone needs to start a ‘if you loved this story, try this book’ site.


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