Back to the fiction

After a few weeks of non-fiction and a busy week making submissions, it was a real treat to get back to writing some fiction this week. As well as entering the BAFTA screenwriting competition, I’ve submitted a review to an  e-zine, all part of my efforts to get my writing out there and earning my stripes. If anything ever gets published, you’ll hear it here first.

This week ideas about authenticity have been a theme for me. I saw I’m Still Here, the Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Affleck film, purportedly a documentary about Phoenix’s attempt to quit acting and become a hip-hop artist. The production was plagued with rumours it was a hoax and last month Affleck announced it was/is. But I’m still not sure I’m convinced because it was so incredibly believable. At work, I was watching Sir Ken Robinson’s latest talk, in which he discusses the way schooling places limitations on us (this is worth watching for the animation alone). I’m also reading Mamet’s ‘Three Uses of the Knife‘ in which he argues that most drama is ultimately unsatisfying because it lies about our experience of the world. I’m not sure where he’s going with that argument yet, but it’s got me thinking.

Maybe that’s why this week’s story ‘Knocking off the edges‘ is concerned with those sorts of themes. I hope you enjoy it.


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