The distraction beast

There are many lessons to be learned in my quest to become a writer, and it seems to be inevitable that  just when I think I’m getting the hang of something I am confronted with the knowledge of how much more I still have to learn.

This week I’ve been reminded again of the need for discipline and focus, as I have been bombarded with a plague of distractions that have disrupted my routine of at least an hour of writing every morning and evening. Some of them have been mundane: busy times at work, changes at home. Others, like my workplace being the centre of the student protests that made the news around the world, were out-of-the-box uncommon. In my hot-headed desire to counter the media’s overheated coverage of that event – and follow the developments in a number of other stories I’m interested in – I diverted energy from developing my writing. Not only did I miss my deadline for publishing here this week, but I’ve done no work at all on my other project. Aaargh!

Julia Cameron says it most succinctly: save the drama for the page. A creative life, a writing life, is built through constant, consistent application. Writing through all the storm and thunder of life, not waiting for the perfect conditions to come along.

I was tempted to rant about the coverage of the protests – and a number of other things – because that would have been easy. But I resisted the temptation and – ta da – produced a new story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading If you want something done.

If you’re curious about my views on the protest, check out Matriarchal Utopia‘s post on the topic.


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