Warning: may contain rude bits

A slightly-saucy story for you this week. I say this as warning to the family members who read this blog who may find this TMI, even though it’s fiction.

Remy and Fiona suggested themselves to me out of two separate incidents; one at work, one at a party. They’ve been hanging around for weeks now, dancing around each other.  The story came together when I hit upon the idea of telling each ‘act’ from a different point of view. I’d really appreciate your feedback about what that does for the reader, and whether you feel it works. I hope you enjoy The seduction.

This will be my last post before Christmas (I’ve sworn off emergency rants for a while).  I’m hoping to reach 2000 views of this blog by then, that would be the best present. This time last year, I hadn’t written a word in more than ten years, now my words have an audience. Thanks so much for being my audience.

To all my loved ones in sunny climes, I’ll be playing this song, and thinking of you.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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