Rewrite #1: Always the same size

For the first of my rewrites,  I have refurbished Always the same size, a story about a woman returning to her family home after a long absence.  The feedback I received on the original of this story was that the shifting perspectives were confusing, so I’ve focussed on the protagonist more in this version. I’d really appreciate your feedback whether you think the re-write has improved the story or not. I’ve even put a little poll on the page to make it easy to give feedback, but commentary is much appreciated.

If you enjoy new fiction, please also check out Alison Earls ALOUD. Truman Capote is quoted as saying “To me the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make.”  I think Alison shares that view: her stories are as much about the music of the words as they are about story. On her site, you can listen to audio files of her short stories and excerpts from her novel manuscripts. Alison’s the talented designer of my header image but graphic design isn’t her only talent, as you’ll find out. Please visit the site and tell all your friends!

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