We own the public sector

I’ve got my cranky pants on. This week’s post is a rant I’ve been stewing on for awhile. We all know the Tories want to dismantle the NHS (although, obviously, that’s not how they put it) but shortly they’ll release their plans for wholesale reform of the public sector.

That’s a pretty easy target for the spin doctors because we all love to moan about the inefficiency of the public sector. But we OWN it. We, the taxpayer, fund the public sector and ultimately they are accountable to us. There’s no shareholder expecting a dividend. If the government’s plans go ahead, only those of us with enough money to become shareholders will have a say in how our services are run.

So be credulous. And exercise your democratic rights to speak out: sign petitions, march in the streets, and tell Cameron and his cronies to get their hands off our services.

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