Review: Spa-humbug

I managed to get through the year only using 13 of my 25 leave days, so I’m madly trying to cram the remainder of my leave in before I lose it in April. This is one of the surprising differences between Australia and the UK: in Australia you can accrue leave pretty much indefinitely, but here you use it or lose it. It’s a totally different mind-set. So, anyway, we impulsively booked a short break in Malta and this week’s piece is a review of the ‘spa experience’ we had. The title may just give it away…

Last week I hinted at new beginnings and it’s now official: I have a new job, starting after Easter. I keep this public blog separate from my private life because I have an online identity for work and I don’t want world’s colliding in unexpected and unfortunate ways, so I’ll keep the details to myself. But it’s a step up for me and it’s going to put pressure on this project. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? To keep writing despite the demands of life?

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