Love is in the air

Camilla and Diana the corgis

We’re flying to Rome on the day of The Wedding. I’m kind of sorry now to miss the spectacle of the crowds and the celebrations, even though I have very little interest in the actual proceedings. The Union Jack bunting everywhere is brilliantly festive: in Regent Street there are row upon row of giant flags and it is a stirring sight.

I feel sorry for ‘the happy couple’ though. At best, a wedding is a public declaration of love between two people, celebrated by their nearest and dearest. This is a circus of celebrity and politics, the media rabid over whether Lily Allen and Posh Spice got invitations, and the ghost of Diana (and all the sordid detail of her marriage to Charles) is ever present. I really hope that somewhere in there, the young people getting married have something that’s just for them.

Maybe it’s that feeling that has driven my latest story, about a couple who’ve enjoyed a long and happy marriage. I hope you enjoy Paris or Die.

7 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Luvvie

    Haven’t read the story yet….but just wanted to let you know that I will be quaffing Pimms with a friend in front of her 42 inch new plasma screen tomorrow night. I have made Aunt Jane’s Tipsy Trifle for dessert. She will be dishing up Ploughman’s lunch type snacks, pork pies etc. We will NOT be wearing tiaras -just casual gear like tracky dacks and sloppy-joes – its finally getting cooler here.

    We’re really looking forward to all the pomp and ceremony. As she says no-one does it like the Brits.

    Di’s wedding was a big deal for us in our day. It’s a bit like one of our kids getting married – well not really – but you know what I’m sort of getting at…..tons of love and enjoy Rome – one of my most favourite cities in the world – oh to get back there….I did throw lots of coins in the Trevi fountain last time I was there I’m sure!!!


  2. PS I meant to tell you that Grand Purl Baa brought back a copy of that Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book. Sold like hotcakes they did. Mind you I’ve been too slack to knit anything yet. Could I knit a corgi do you think before tomorrow night????


  3. Am loving the coverage in Australia – and great to watch and see places that I went to (like the cheese shop at Borough Markets) I will watch, and luckily I will be home alone, so will be able to get all teary, and there will be no-one to laugh!! I have only a little interest in the actual wedding – but I love all the English traditions, and love seeing the crowds and the ceremonials, like the Horse Guards, etc.


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