Home and away

Two reviews for you this week. First of all, last weekend I went to Rome. The idea was to get away from it all while London was awash with crowds for the Royal Wedding. Not quite how it panned out: with a Pope being sainted, Rome was probably the only city in Europe busier than London. This week’s post is my review of that trip, Bread and circuses, Christians and Romans.

The second is a quicky. Last night I went to a special screening of the new film Attack the Block at the Ritzy, Brixton’s marvellous cinema which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. Director Joe Cornish is a local and the film, a tongue-in-cheek horror about aliens attacking a council estate, is set and shot in and around South London. The cast, some of whom are young locals themselves, were in attendance. Sure it was a biased crowd but they and I loved it. Joe Cornish is a friend of Edgar Wright and if you like his films you’re bound to enjoy this. It was a huge hit at SXSW and on the basis of that success Cornish is now working with Spielberg on the Tin Tin film. I especially loved the cracking dialogue in authentic Sarf London vernacular. Get out and see it!

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