Sluts and naked bikers will not distract me


Just another day in London. How I wish I’d been there to see the moment the Naked Bike Ride crossed paths with the Slutwalk, a protest against the suggestion that women’s clothing is the cause of rape. I was indoors being virtuous, trying to compensate for my fecklessness and lack of focus of late.

Must have been quite an unexpected sight for the tourists, especially those in town to see our Wills at his first official Trooping the Colour. As one wag said, the bike ride was the Trooping of the Todgers. How I love this crazy city.

No amount of discipline would make it possible for me to fit writing into my life if my partner wasn’t happy to let me ignore him for large chunks of time while I write. I’d dedicate this week’s story, The Nurse, to him but he might be offended. Read it and see what I mean.

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