Nanny state v. state

This week’s post is a piece I started when I was back in Australia briefly the other week: Clubbing Aussie style. Most regular readers of this blog are Australian so my efforts to explain the vernacular will be redundant, but I live in hope of world domination. In a shameless effort to achieve same, I’ve even included some gratuitous male nudity. Here’s a bit more.

Now, where was I?

One of the favourite topics for Aussies in London when they get together is ‘what’s better where?’: an ongoing ranking of the small differences between Australia and their chosen home.

Peanut butter is better in Australia*. Public transport is better in London.  You get the idea. In the post I mention coffee: it’s a constant source of wonder to me that it is so frickin hard to get a decent coffee in London. My theory is there’s too much competition from other beverages. You won’t find no Dandelion and Burdock in your Aussie caff.

One that came up at work this week is the Nanny State. Aussies and Brits both rail in frustration at the extent to which their lives are controlled by an interfering government. But I want to know which is worse? Which government is the super-nanny?

I want nominations! And evidence:what are the rules you think are unnecessary? Compulsory cycle helmets? No dogs in pubs? Comment below or email me If it entertains me enough next week we’ll have the Ultimate Nanny State vs State competition.

* Really. Waaay too much sugar. The black market in proper Aussie Kraft Peanut Butter in London is massive.

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