Pop-up ranting

Dear reader, let me apologise to you for interrupting your peaceful day with a rant. Last time I ranted, in the wake of the News of the Week scandal, I semi-promised myself I wouldn’t post again until I’d goddamn finished a story. Apparently I lied.

This time last week England was waking up after the worst night of the riots. I was relieved the night had passed quietly in Brixton. We knew about the riots in the 1980s when we moved in, of course. We never expected to live through it. If anything, I feel more affection for Brixton now than before. People living locally are determined not to let the troubles set the tone.

What distresses me is the woeful response by the government. Right now I wish we’d left Dave tipping waitresses in Tuscany. He’s worse than useless. I think there’s only one way his agenda can end: I predict (another) riot. I have been terribly lazy and not included links to references, sorry. If you want any, leave me a comment.

For those interested, I am still plugging away at the writing, although I have to confess to having been quite distracted by current affairs. The long short story I thought I was writing seems to be morphing into something longer. For now, I’m just going with the flow.

Thanks again for reading.


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