On using feminism to insult women

Here’s a paradox: how can you use your blog to lecture people about using social media to lecture people? I don’t know either, but it’s my blog and I need to get this off my chest.

Here’s another one: how can you rant about feminists telling other feminists their feminism is inferior?

I realise I’m walking a line here with My feminism’s better than your feminism (note: the title is ironic). But I am fed up with people who claim they are pro women using feminist theory to deride other woman. A couple of weeks ago a prominent feminist caused a twitter storm by dismissing someone’s question about why, in an interview about a TV show, she didn’t ask a question about race. This isn’t about that incident (Sarah Ditum has already covered the story better than I could) but nearly three weeks later I am still seeing women on Twitter attacking other women for similar issues. I tried to engage some of the culprits in a discussion, but they resorted to insulting me. And I’m angry about it: not the insult to me, but the ridiculous notion that you can achieve equality by tearing people down. So there.

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