The Next Big Thing

I’ve been tagged in a project called the Next Big Thing, in which writers are asked to complete a self-interview about their current project and then tag 5 more writers to participate in the project.

I’m working on a screenplay and a novel at the moment, both thrillers. I hope your interest will be piqued by this insight into my novel.

My friend, poet Vanessa Page, tagged me. You can read about her upcoming book Confessional Box on her blog, The Worded Page. Vanessa’s a wonder of a woman who somehow manages to find time to write whilst working full-time and raising a family that is soon to expand to four – and baking the most incredible cakes. She’s a real inspiration to me.

I’ll post the responses of the writers I’ve tagged next week.

I hope this first post of 2013 finds you all well and happy. In February it will be three years since I stared writing again. Some days I feel I’ve achieved very little, as I am still slogging away with nothing concrete to show for my efforts. But I have: not least of which is simply persisting with the pursuit of this dream. The support of the (mainly anonymous) people who read this blog has helped me get through some of the most challenging times. Thank you for that.

Whatever 2013 holds for you, I hope you’ll pursue your own dreams.

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