Getting it done


I’m having a great holiday. I’m up early every day, sometimes as early as 4.30am (this is called ’embracing insomnia’) and I work largely uninterrupted on my manuscript until the rest of the house rises. I usually manage to get a few more hours in during the day too. My boss wishes I was this productive at work!

There’s a heap going on for me and mine right now, on top of the usual Christmas crazy, so the work travels with me as I do the necessary running around. The characters are in my head, re-running scenes in the background, while the manuscript sits on my laptop, waiting for the next opportunity to do some edits.

I’m pleased with my progress: more than 60 chapters down (out of 99) and the word count is steadily coming down.  The plus side to being busy is that I have no time to indulge self-doubt about my writing, I’m just getting on with it.

Why is it so easy to find time to write? Since Genrecon I’ve taken such pleasure in it. I suspect it’s because writing allows me to control something. In the world of the novel, I am all powerful. I get all the say. Focusing purely on what’s going on in my head is a sort of meditation. I shut out everything else when I’m in the story.

So: writing every day on my holiday is how I’m relaxing. I hope you’re doing what you should be doing.


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