In deepest suburbia

Run with the dogs tonight

I live in a “master-planned community”. I use the quotes because as I drive around I frequently wonder what the master plan is, exactly. Community is clearly the last thing that was considered. There are few communal spaces and those that exist are primarily parks. Don’t get me wrong, I love parks…but parks + shopping malls do not = a community.

Victor Gruen, the man who invented shopping malls, ended up hating them. He thought they would promote social integration but they did the opposite. America is littered with dead malls but here in Australia we still build them and their ugly big brothers, the big-box parks where floor space is measured in acres and customers have to drive from store to store.

Living in suburbia is inspiring my writing. I’ve started plotting a new novel, another domestic noir, but in the meantime, here’s another little slice of suburban life: Don’t make me choose.

Suburbia is often equated to soullessness, but many artists grew up in the suburbs. All of life is lived in the suburbs, but often behind closed doors. The tidy streets can hide dark secrets. Here’s some more art inspired by the suburbs, for your pleasure. Have a great week, wherever you are.





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