New projects, old friends

quoteWell, dear reader, we are off! this weekend I start drafting my new project in earnest. If I’m honest, I am not as organised as I’d intended to be, but I have the bones of the plot and the main characters so I am comfortable making a start. I’m aiming to do 3,500 words a week, which is ambitious but realistic given work and other commitments. Wish me luck!

I’m going to try to keep posting here once a week too: it’s all about discipline. Writing is like anything else: you keep ‘fit’ with regular exercise of the skills.

This week I’ve got some new flash fiction for you, a little reflection on the perspective time brings. This is dedicated to a dear friend of longstanding who is having a tough time at the moment, and who I wish I could help.

To a long lost friend

2 thoughts on “New projects, old friends

  1. I read somewhere that to get anywhere with a novel you should aim to write three pages a day. It didn’t say how big the lettering should be though… I look forward to reading it.


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