Politics aside…

Australians go to the polls in July
Australians go to the polls

I’ve started a little side project, another blog, where I’m recording my thoughts on politics in the lead up to the Australian federal election. I wanted an outlet: Twitter is too brief and this is not a politics blog.

I get so fed up with the way the media cover politics. For one thing, the press treat politicians’ utterances with far too much respect (although coverage of the budget by Leigh Sales and David Speers hints even they may have finally seen the light). They lie and mislead constantly, yet their pronouncements are treated as truth.

However, they also don’t challenge the assumptions of the major parties enough. On too many issues, the press act as though there are only two options available: the LNP option and the Labor option. And far too often that means no option at all.

Take budget surpluses for example. For at least the last decade Australian politicians and the press have promoted the idea that a budget surplus is a desirable thing. There’s data to show this is not the necessarily the case in terms of economic growth and productivity, plus strong arguments that the opposite is true in social terms. To put it simply: while children and old people are going without food and care, why is the government sitting on a pile of cash that could be used to help them?

Anyway, the point is there are alternative views and I want to share them. If you’re interested come and join the conversation.

Topics covered so far:

Negative gearing

Education funding

Offshore detention

The budget: before and after

Class wars

I’m just going to be commenting on topical issues. If there’s anything you’d like me to post on, just ask.

Those of you who aren’t interested in Australian politics can be grateful I’ll be venting my ire elsewhere, at least on this topic!

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