Drowning your sorrows in pulp

Pulp Fiction Art by Robert Maguire

A short post to let you know I’ve published a new short story, Danger with a Double D

You all know of my love for pulp fiction art. I also love noir. So, inspired by both, here’s a femme fatale for you. The art on this post and the page is by Robert A Maguire, one of my favourite pulp artists. I especially love his smouldering brunettes, and both of these fit my leading lady. This piece is also a character study for the larger project. I’ve not-been working on for the past few months. I have been so blocked, I love this project but for some reason I have been avoiding it. Desperation stations. I had the house to myself last Sunday and I vacuumed, dear reader! 

Thankfully, that seemed to be the shock to the system I needed, and I’ve done more this week than I have in a couple of months. Yay me! The world may be going to hell in a hand basket but it’s going to go, no matter what I do. Best get on with things that give me pleasure. And as for you, why not grab a martini * and follow the link
*or relaxant of choice

2 thoughts on “Drowning your sorrows in pulp

  1. What a tantalising morsel! (As the simpering JJ would say about your heroine.)
    Since the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, you might as well shove as many dastardly characters from the ‘I deserve my privilege’ set in there and watch them plummet in a blaze of colourful fiction. Keep writing! And give the rest of us an escape from the horrible headlines.

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