Surviving ‘interesting’ times

Whimageat a week it was! I can’t actually bring myself to list all the nasty shit that went down. Who knew the 21st century would be notable for its cold acceptance of child torture in developed nations?

I had mindfulness training on Tuesday, which was great. I have been toying with meditation using apps but the course really helped me understand the principles much better. One of my key learnings was that it’s okay to have fun: you don’t have to be serious and chant ohms. You can simply delight in your senses. A big part of it is being kind to yourself. I think most people I know could do with forgiving themselves a little more.

I feel the strain of these awful times. I know I could switch off Twitter, my source of news, and just not give attention, but at the same time I can’t bear to be uninformed. I do speak out, not that anyone is listening, but it seems worse to pretend nothing is happening.

What I need to remember is that I can also be in the moment, enjoying my life. The reality is that although I have my worries and problems, like anyone, I am also safe, and loved. Most days there’s sunshine, and I get to do work that does good in the world. And I get to write.

I’ve posted a new short story this week. The friendly sort is another of my suburban series, about the danger of underestimating people. I’d love your feedback.

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