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I went to the amazing Genrecon for the second time last week, and once again it was a huge shot in the arm for my ambition to be a writer. Massive thanks to convenor Peter Ball and his team of ninjas for another successful conference.

My optimism at the start of the year that I’d be able to write during chemo turned out to be exaggerated. I managed to keep up a little activity but creativity takes energy, and I’ve been a bit down on myself for not having done more. Doubt that I ‘really want this’ has crept in courtesy of the unhelpful mythology that ‘true’ writers are compelled to write no matter what. Surely the fact I wasn’t writing every day was a sign I am not a ‘real’ writer, that its ‘meant’ to be? Corrosive thoughts that kept me away from my work.

Now I’ve got some energy back, I appreciate why I didn’t get much writing done with all that time off. I can forgive myself, and acknowledge myself for what I did get done: several submissions, a fair amount of plotting on a new project, some rewrites and a couple of new short stories is not a bad effort. And after a weekend at Genrecon I can say Fuck You to the little voice that questions whether or not I am ‘meant’ to be a writer because I have been amongst my people and affirmed: I am a writer.

Thanks to a chance meeting of blue-hairs at Genrecon I’ve now joined the Springfield Writers Group, and went to my first meeting. They are about to launch an anthology of short stories they’ve self-published, the legends. Return is themed around Halley’s Comet’s regular return to earth, and was generously edited by the multi-talented Aiki Flinthart. It will be available in ebook and glorious print. I’m looking forward to being part of such an energetic and positive group.

The amount I’ve achieved in the last week is a salutory reminder of the payoff you get from aiming to do a little each day. And I am reminded that this thing is intended to be about writing. So, if you’re new here, or in case you’ve forgotten…Hi, I’m Robyn. I’m a writer, and this is a writing blog.


4 thoughts on “This is a writing blog

  1. So pleased to hear you’ve felt the affirmation of others ,
    but mostly your own……Keep the flame alive even when it’s just a very tiny spark. All it wants is to be coaxed into life with just a hint of fuel and a whiff of air.


  2. For writers as dedicated as you to developing their craft, you will never be guilty of not doing enough. So never ever be hard on yourself about not actively writing. Don’t forget – writing is about life (whether it’s gritty reality, fantasy, crime or whatever). It’s about existing within challenges, triumphs, quandaries, ambitions and all the facets and flaws of ‘being’. So living life – and sometimes pausing actively writing to do so – can be vital to a writer. And absolutely essential for a human being.

    You have to live to write.


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