Shameless plug: Aiki Flinthart

Hi! Remember me?

We really must get together sometime for a proper catch up. This is, after all, my writing blog, and although I’ve been doing a fair bit of writing in the last few months, none of it has been here.

shadowswake_2I’m showing my newly curly-topped face here to give a shameless plug to Aiki Flinthart, whose new book Shadows Wake, the first in a three-part series, launched this month. Aiki Flinthart is an independent author, incredible editor, knife thrower, archer and all-round wonder woman. She teaches a course in writing fight scenes for women that I believe you can do at QWC in October, and is incredibly generous with her knowledge of self-publishing.

Aiki is one of the leaders of my writing group, and a driving force behind the publication of their anthology Return. She’s helping us put together a second anthology, Elements, which I’ll have a story in, and is providing all of us with invaluable free coaching and editing. Such generosity deserves reward, so do her a favour and go check out her work.

The more we all support each other, the better off we’ll all be!

Fellow writers, may the words flow readily from your brain to your fingers. Dear readers, thank you for your patience, I’ll be back soon x.


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