Throwback Thursday: revisiting the Lady Garden

VULVAS have been much discussed in the last few days, thanks to publicity around Laura Dodsworth’s Womanhood Project (albeit in some cases they have been incorrectly called VAGINAS, such as the efforts of World Champion Mansplainer Paul Bullen)

I am a HUGE advocate of everyone being more informed about women’s genitals. It’s a funny old world where men send dick pics to women they fancy but most people have never seen vulvas, and when they do see them they have been usually been plucked naked like some poor chook about to be cooked.

So: let’s throwback to some old essays about vulvas.

The craziness over the hair ‘down there’

An essay from 2017 about the effects of chemo on my body hair. Spoiler alert: it’s not good!

Weirdly enough, although my pubes went white before they fell out, they’ve grown back brown! TMI? Tough!

Love your labia

Proof that I’ve been banging on about this for a while, a post from 2016 urging women to love their bits.

For more fact-filled and woman-loving stuff about vulvas, check out these legends:

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