First quarter check-in: what I’ve done

I revived this blog as an accountability tool. Seeing as we’ve officially entered a new season (Autumn for us Antipodeans, Spring for the Northerners out there) I figured it was about time for a check-in.

That ole voice-of-doom that resides in my head was up to no good again: as I sat down to review what I’ve achieved, I gloomily predicted that I’d done bugger all. Reader, I was wrong!

Cartoon character Calvin writing in a frenzy
Exclusive picture of author at work

My writing year so far

14 blog posts (~10,000 words): 11 here, 2 on my ‘work’ blog, 1 commissioned
2 short stories (total: 8,700 words)
1st draft non-fiction book (11,000 words)
Speech for Medical Physicists (2,500 words)

Work in progress
Sci-fi novella (outline + 5,500 words)
Crime novel with writing partner (~25,000 words)

In addition to all that, I’ve done several critiques and beta-reads for other writers, and I’m in the process of editing a non-fiction manuscript, and proofing a young adult novel. Phew!

What curious trick of the mind made me think I wasn’t being productive?

What I haven’t done is post any fresh fiction here. Sorry: my efforts are currently focused on publication. The good news is the Elements anthology, which features one of my short stories, will be published next month.

Thanks to all those here, on Twitter and in Real Life™, who encourage me, support me and challenge me to do better.

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