Icing on the publication cake

My first short story to be published in an anthology is now out in the world! I know it’s not the greatest achievement a writer can aspire to, but it’s a significant milestone for me.

The book launch was SUCH FUN. Some dear friends and family members came to support me, which I am deeply grateful for, and it was delightful to have so many people asking me questions about my writing. We sold enough copies at the launch to fund the cover design and merchandise for the next anthology, which will be coming out in mid-2020, so it’s an all around winner as far as I’m concerned! It all happened so fast we even forgot to eat the cake with the book cover printed on the icing

cake featuring cover art from Elemental anthology
How frickin great does that cake look?

Without a doubt though, the real icing on the cake, was waking up to this review of my story:

Image of Facebook post.

For those who can’t see the image, the text reads

“Oh Sam, WOW! I was blown away at how you depicted the love Audra and Brock shared. And how the reality of the world around them impacted on them. I’m inspired with your talent to craft a story so very real and believable. And the fine details you’ve added to each scene, obviously why Aiki mentioned in her speech, this anthology is even better than the last.”

T.Johnson Facebook post 29 July 2019

I’ll confess: I haven’t done much fiction writing lately. My alter ego has been working on a non-fiction book project for another author, starting a business and travelling and I’ve been even more of a figment of her imagination than usual. It’s time to force myself into the front of her consciousness, crack open her wild creativity and spin more stories from the fantastical contents.

If by any chance you bought Elemental and read my story, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again to the wonderful members of the Springfield Writers Group who make my writing better, my social life richer and my soul lighter. I am proud to be part of such a generous, hard-working, loving and talented group of people. I hope I give back as much as I get!

2 thoughts on “Icing on the publication cake

  1. Being published in any form is brilliant and your story was amazing! I loved reading The Eye of the Storm. I completely agree with the above review. I loved the realism of your characters and how effortlessly the story flowed. So glad the launch was fantastic 😊


  2. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the publication and the well-deserved accolades coming in! You’ve got the talent AND the desire and ability to work hard so this is clearly ‘the beginning of a beautiful friendship’ between Sam Brown and her devoted readers (a group that will inevitably grow exponentially). It’s your time. And it’s especially great that you’re in a mindset to embrace it.

    or in simpler terms



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