Sam Brown is on sabbatical

Following the launch of Tribute, author Sam Brown has retired from public life.

Author Sam Brown’s final public appearance, on Neen Cohen‘s Hyperactive Bookworm channel November 4, 2021, marks the end of a decade-long writing career in which, she acknowledges, too much time was spent on Twitter.

She retires from public life following the publication of How to Slide on Rainbows, in the Springfield Writers’ Group 2021 Anthology Tribute (edited by Jan-Andrew Henderson).

Sam Brown also features in two other anthologies:

Old Dogs and New Tricks features in Rogues Gallery (edited by Aiki Flinthart)

The Eye of the Storm appears in Elementals (edited by Aiki Flinthart).

Sam Brown’s horror-crime novel and screenplay both mysteriously remain unpublished or produced, which Sam suspects is due to cancel-culture, not the many thousands of words written on Twitter. Her novellas remain unfinished, possibly for the same reason. Sam extends thanks to the surprisingly many people who read her fiction, and put up with her ranting on Twitter.

Sam’s alter ego can be found if you care to look 🕵️

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