Ten Things I Love

1. Bad Girls

Rizzo was always my favourite character in Grease. I love girls who transgress against the social expectation to be good. Musically, think Hole or the Donnas. Beth Ditto or Amanda Palmer.

2. Pulp art 

Sluts, lesbians and whores. The demons used to frighten women back into the kitchen. But I bet they had more fun than their Stepford sisters. My blog header is inspired by pulp art. See also bad girls.

3. Diversity

Too right on? It’s true though. I don’t even like to eat the same meal twice in a row. Life’s miracle is its variety and abundance. It’s a crime not to embrace that.

4. Demand TV/Box sets

Finally we are free of broadcasters’ indifference! No more advertising, no more series shown out of order, no more schedule changes just before the last episode. Watch the best drama productions from around the world, at your own pace. Bliss.

5. Burlesque and cabaret

Mainstream pop tarts writhing half-naked on kids’ TV shows notwithstanding, the burlesque revival has injected some sexy fun into both entertainment and fashion. See also diversity, bad girls, live music.

6. Rose bushes

Until I moved to England I thought roses were prim and uptight. I only ever saw them from hothouses; neat, tight buds with little scent. But here, where they grow on bushes up to six feet wide and eight feet high, bursting with lusty colour and life, I get it. A council estate near us has rose bushes in all the gardens and it’s stunning to see.

7. Pub culture

My two favourite locals have resident pets. Cats in one, a dog in the other. People meet to knit, tie flies and plan revolutions (this is Brixton, after all). Anyone who thinks London is unfriendly has not spent enough time in pubs.

8. Competitive talent shows

A guilty pleasure. From Project Runway & ANTM to…yes, I admit it…X Factor and BGT. I love seeing talented people pushing themselves, making an effort, pursuing their dreams. Never a dry eye.

9. Live music

We are so spoiled for choice in Brixton. Dogstar, The Windmill, the Hootananny, JAMM, Upstairs. Then there’s the rest of London! One of my favourite discoveries is Le Quecumbar. More restaurants should have live music, IMHO.

10. My life

I count my blessings daily. I don’t have much money and no assets, but I have a good education and I have people to love all around the world, most of whom are  safe and in good health. I’m living in one of the greatest cities in the world, pursuing my dreams and I get to meet creative, intelligent, curious people all the time. So many people have it so much worse: I am so lucky.

Truth as at 8 June 2011

4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love

  1. Fantastic list – it paints a vibrant portrait rich with shades of red and great texture. The way you engage with life is captured in your ten things, topped off with your optimism and spirit in the final one.


  2. Great list and so articulate in revealing you inner deeper obsessions with television and raunchiness. Love it….love you!


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