Icing on the publication cake

My first short story to be published in an anthology is now out in the world! I know it's not the greatest achievement a writer can aspire to, but it's a significant milestone for me. The book launch was SUCH FUN. Some dear friends and family members came to support me, which I am deeply … Continue reading Icing on the publication cake

PR, darling, PR

I was up at the crack of dawn* today for a photo shoot with the number one newspaper in the state**. Such is a the life of an Amazon Best Selling Author***. The funny thing about aspiring to be a writer is you can't possibly just write. You have to be your own researcher, editor, … Continue reading PR, darling, PR

Creating in the face of fear

I am only just starting to adjust to the reality that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. It floored me. The night after the election, some friends and I stayed out until 2am and drank far too much, needing to let off steam. I've even been avoiding social … Continue reading Creating in the face of fear

Drowning your sorrows in pulp

  A short post to let you know I've published a new short story, Danger with a Double D.  You all know of my love for pulp fiction art. I also love noir. So, inspired by both, here's a femme fatale for you. The art on this post and the page is by Robert A … Continue reading Drowning your sorrows in pulp