I love a dude with a problem

I hope you're not expecting some sort of romantic confessional from that headline! I'm talking genre, not actual dudes. I recently re-read Stephen King's Misery because I've been listening to Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, and Misery is used as an example of the "dude with a problem" sub-genre she describes … Continue reading I love a dude with a problem

Why our brains love stories

There are a kazillion articles online about the power of story. Whole books on the topic. There's less written about WHY stories are so powerful. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, seems to have the answer. In his book Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow, he walks the reader through a vast amount of scientific research into … Continue reading Why our brains love stories

Throwback Thursday: revisiting the Lady Garden

VULVAS have been much discussed in the last few days, thanks to publicity around Laura Dodsworth's Womanhood Project (albeit in some cases they have been incorrectly called VAGINAS, such as the efforts of World Champion Mansplainer Paul Bullen) I am a HUGE advocate of everyone being more informed about women's genitals. It's a funny old … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: revisiting the Lady Garden

Shameless plug: Eyes on Script

Hi there, me again, trying to slowly ease you back into the idea of me, blogging. If you've followed me for a while, you might remember I came to writing through scriptwriting. A vague desire to be a filmmaker morphed into a slightly less vague ambition to be a writer/producer after I made a couple … Continue reading Shameless plug: Eyes on Script