Are you watching Cleverman?

If you love Orphan Black or True Blood or Humans, do yourself a favour and get on board with Cleverman. The first two episodes are on ABC iView, you can get started right now. Come back and read this later.  I don't write about it much but I am an expert on TV. I mean, … Continue reading Are you watching Cleverman?

The need for speed

In which our heroine commits to a deadline The whole start-writing-at-40 is my version of a mid-life crisis, I guess. You do get this dawning realisation as you get older that life is actually short, even if you're lucky enough to have a long one. If you live to 75, that's 28,000 days. Life is … Continue reading The need for speed

New York, New York

The city so nice, they named it twice (just like Wagga Wagga!) I was lucky enough to spend a week there recently, visiting with my sister and her husband who live Stateside. We've all been before, so we spent our time exploring the city on foot, with a loose itinerary of restaurants and bars recommended … Continue reading New York, New York

Nanny state v. state

This week's post is a piece I started when I was back in Australia briefly the other week: Clubbing Aussie style. Most regular readers of this blog are Australian so my efforts to explain the vernacular will be redundant, but I live in hope of world domination. In a shameless effort to achieve same, I've … Continue reading Nanny state v. state