Sneaky Peak Saturday

To give you a taste of the diversity of authors and stories in Elemental, the anthology I have coming out at the end of July, check out this post from Neen Cohen, another member of our group who joined after we started the current anthology. Neen’s been doing a champion effort of profiling the authors in the book.


Elemental, The Springfield Writers group anthology, will be getting released at the end of next month. I cannot wait! It is such a wonderful collection of 16 short stories, told from 16 different writers who have each taken one of the elements of nature and created masterpieces.

Today I have a little sneak peak for you all from some of the amazing stories featured in this wonderful Anthology.

D.A. Kelly’s short story The Jig’s Backdoor is one of the Earth stories in the anthology. You can read the interview here for more details about this brilliant story.


Finding Elliot Finch is a short Story Written by Ted Johnson. Written for the anthology it is featured as one of the Air contributions. His interview for the anthology can be found here.


Nicola Buzan has contributed her short story Swept to be feature as one of the brilliant Water short stories for…

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How I became an Amazon bestseller

True story. Well, me and 15 other writers, anyway: all the contributors to Elemental, an anthology of short fiction. Heres' the proof: The book became the No 1 bestseller in its Amazon category for ...a couple of hours, maybe, after the book became available for pre-order. Our book launch isn't until the end of July....come … Continue reading How I became an Amazon bestseller

Interview Series #1 – with ‘Elemental’ contributor D.A. Kelly

I cannot wait to read DA Kelly’s cosy mystery featuring Arabella Black. Read about it on Neen Cohen’s author blog


On the 27th July 2019 the Springfield Writers Group will launch their second Anthology, Elemental. Elemental is a collection of 16 amazing short stories each focused on one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The authors are interviewed about their contributions to this amazing anthology. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing some of these in my interview series.

Today I am featuring the cozy mysteries author D.A Kelly and her Earth short story The Jig’s Backdoor.

Q:  Can you sum up your story in the Elemental anthology in two sentences?

Goblin greed can lead you into all sorts of trouble. It’s best to have a sense of humour about these things.

Q: What was the inspiration behind The Jig’s Backdoor?

I had written a short story about Sneath and his brother Clutter previously. I enjoyed writing it and many readers loved reading…

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The perils of perfectionism

Do you struggle with perfectionism? I do. My theory is that school trains us in the false belief that you can do something perfectly or (a worse misconception) be perfect. They train you to believe there is always a right and a wrong, and that you can 'get everything right'...10 out of 10, 100%, A+! … Continue reading The perils of perfectionism