Original short stories, by me. You’ll note there was quite a break in posting: I’ve been focusing on long form writing – a novel and a feature screenplay, to be precise – but I’m trying to do some short form stuff and get my work out there a bit more. Comments are most welcome, I’m here to learn!

In this section


On building walls between us – Divided we fall. not sure this is fiction, to be honest.

The Human Experience – What can you do with infinity?

Cassandra and Lucinda – A mother and daughter seek a quiet life in a new town.


How the War was Won – self-indulgent fantasy, inspired by current events

Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Summer-themed crime fiction.

A Fire of Righteousness – Defying your boss’s orders could be deadly

Nothing is real – Lacey walks away from her life

Don’t make me choose – A child’s dilemma

An amazing act of love – Mark’s childhood sweetheart surprises him


Firm and firmament – a love story

Johnny and the fat man – Johnny’s having a bad night and it’s about to get worse

This is not my beautiful life – What choices can you make when your life is not your own?

Looking back – History is told by the victors

Casablanca was a B-movie – A mother’s love never dies

Responsibility – Sometimes it’s hard to take

The Engagement Party – Tempest wants to be a good mother

Paris or Die – Jean’s dream of Paris is taunting her

The Nurse – Florence Nightingale this guy ain’t


The first sunny day of spring – the sunshine brings out the best in everyone.

An election fairy tale – an honest man runs for office.

Casualties of war – an untold story from the home front.

In the moment – a split second can change everything.

I’m your man – Milos is caught between two demanding women, but he knows he’s the man.

Misis luluai and the raskols – the victim of a con-artist recounts his experience.

Til death – Richard and Amelia vowed to stay together until death and beyond.

Suspicion – A woman confronts her fears about her husband.

The man-faced boy – the curse of having a man’s head on a boy’s body.

The Lodgers – New lodgers inspire Geraldine to spice up her sex life.

Reunion – Brothers long estranged meet.

Less than kind – The favoured son needs a favour.

In transit – Clare guards the most precious cargo of all.

Midnight snack – Battling the diet demon.

Marcia’s birthday party – A bitter tale of unrequited love.

Always the same size – The more things change, the more people want things to stay the same.

Knocking off the edges – It’s important to fit in.

Man Hunt – Farah’s decided to walk away from the business that’s made him rich.

If you want something done – Louise discovers the joys of DIY

Home time – A mother lets go of her dreams.

A vivid imagination – Andre’s imagination is his greatest protection.

The seduction – He wants her. She wants him. Will they get what they want?

Circling the wagons – In a time of tragedy, family protect one another.

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