Midnight snack

What’s this? More pizza?

No. I shouldn’t. I’ve had enough.

I’ll just leave it.

I should tell him to have it.

Go on then, tell him.

I should tell him to have it. That way I can’t.

You’re not telling him.

Maybe I could just eat the pepperoni. No, no I don’t want it. I’m just being piggy.

I should give it to him.

What’s stopping you? Be mature. You know you don’t need it. Stop eating because you’ve had enough. You can do it.

Ignoring it is stronger.

That’s a good story.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I should tell him. I don’t want that, you have it.

Go on. Say it: I. Don’t. Want. That.

He’s finished his.

“Are you asleep?”


“You eating that?”

SAY NO. He thinks the only reason I wouldn’t eat is because I’m asleep! He thinks I’m a pig.

SO SAY NO. You don’t want it. Say no.

“Go ya halves?”


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