On building walls between us

If you want to kill anything is this world, surround it with walls —Elif Sharak


Encircle them first. Surround them with enemies on all sides, real or imagined, it doesn’t matter.

Let them fear the siege. Let them hear the approach of marauding hordes, a distant, looming thunder. Every day, make them ask: Is it louder? Are they closer?

You will not have to build all the walls yourself, some will build them for you.

They will raise barricades from within and huddle fearful inside them, telling stories of what lies beyond.

Let them.

Feed their fear. Make them retreat, further and further in, contracting. Make them police each other, peeking from behind curtains, hunting each other in the streets.

Keep them apart, and alert.

Starve them of connection, starve them of expression. Line the walls with padding so their screams cannot be heard.

Do not let them tear down the walls.

Do not let them reach out, do not let them connect.