On writing

I started writing (again) on 16 January 2010, on a plane to Australia. I’d stopped writing sometime around 1998, although I didn’t really admit to myself that I’d stopped until some years after.

In the time that’s passed I’ve both achieved more than I thought possible and achieved nothing much at all. By external measures of success, I’m a minnow. A tadpole. Possibly only spawn. I’ve not been published. I’ve not been offered money to write. I’m learning, day-by-day, what it means to be a writer. This is where I share what I’ve learned along the way. You can also search the post category Writing on writing.

In this section


One day at a time – the secret to being a writer is to write. Every day.

What do you want? – Goals ARE the key to success but probably not in the way you think.

A writer reading: Jim Thompson’s The Grifters – learning to be a better writer through reading to understand craft

Marking a milestone – A year after I gave up blogging for the sake of focus, I finish the first draft of my novel

What is work? – Learning the work of the writer.

Why I don’t want writing to be a job – reflections on writing as a profession

A bout with my Inner Critic – beating self-sabotage

The Next Big Thing – about my novel

How to get noticed (in a good way) –  Advice for new writers from publishers and agents

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