Opinion, as in “never knowingly without one”. I am passionate about equality and over time that has lead to an unhealthy fixation with politics. Occasional off the cuff ranting here, more considered thoughts in this section.

October 2017: Tiny ways to make things better

July 2017: Psychopathy is not leadership

July 2017: The craziness over the hair down there

June 2017: 20 years after The Full Monty

May 2017: The promise of feminism

May 2017: We don’t need no education..?

September 2016: Privilege, politics and Pauline

May 2016: Are we saying farewell to the Fair Go?

In a former incarnation of this blog I had a number of non-fiction sections. I’ve retired some of the pieces that hadn’t aged well, usually due to topicality, but this archive (see drop down menu in header) remains. You can also search the Categories menu for some of my old rants and reviews.


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