The day of rest

Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating he had done. Genesis 2:3 There's hypocrisy, and there's the hypocrisy of supposedly observant Christians whose belief in the sanctity of Sundays as a day of rest magically disappears when it comes to the issue … Continue reading The day of rest

Are you watching Cleverman?

If you love Orphan Black or True Blood or Humans, do yourself a favour and get on board with Cleverman. The first two episodes are on ABC iView, you can get started right now. Come back and read this later.  I don't write about it much but I am an expert on TV. I mean, … Continue reading Are you watching Cleverman?

The ultimate fauxpology

It was Sorry Day in Australia this week, the day we recognise the impact of the forced removal of children from Aboriginal families. I'm gonna argue its Sorry Not Sorry Day.    Non-Australian readers may be unaware, but the British attempted genocide of the original inhabitants of this country. Aboriginals were not even classed as people … Continue reading The ultimate fauxpology

Politics aside…

I've started a little side project, another blog, where I'm recording my thoughts on politics in the lead up to the Australian federal election. I wanted an outlet: Twitter is too brief and this is not a politics blog. I get so fed up with the way the media cover politics. For one thing, the … Continue reading Politics aside…