This is a writing blog

I went to the amazing Genrecon for the second time last week, and once again it was a huge shot in the arm for my ambition to be a writer. Massive thanks to convenor Peter Ball and his team of ninjas for another successful conference. My optimism at the start of the year that I'd … Continue reading This is a writing blog


A friend of mine read my tarot in January and foresaw, amongst other things, 'cataclysm'. I thought it was going to be something Trump did! And then, on the first of February, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been debating with myself: do I write about this thing or not? I have an aversion … Continue reading Cataclysm

The agony of analytics

In which our heroine unwittingly confesses her craven desire for attention Mostly I write for myself, in the sense that I get intrinsic rewards from the process. If I never achieve my goal of being published, I can keep on writing until the day I drop dead and keep learning new things and keep developing … Continue reading The agony of analytics

Have a little flash

Something different this week! For the first time in 5 years, I've published a new short story. I work full-time so I only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to writing. Once I started working on long form projects I realised that it would never get finished if I tried to blog as … Continue reading Have a little flash