Writer’s gotta write

I was reading a post by Chuck Wendig about his 5th birthday as a novelist, and while my head reeled at the very notion of 20 novels in five years, one message rang out like a klaxon: if you want to be a writer, you have to write. He's not the first to say it, … Continue reading Writer’s gotta write

The agony of analytics

In which our heroine unwittingly confesses her craven desire for attention Mostly I write for myself, in the sense that I get intrinsic rewards from the process. If I never achieve my goal of being published, I can keep on writing until the day I drop dead and keep learning new things and keep developing … Continue reading The agony of analytics

Creating in the face of fear

I am only just starting to adjust to the reality that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. It floored me. The night after the election, some friends and I stayed out until 2am and drank far too much, needing to let off steam. I've even been avoiding social … Continue reading Creating in the face of fear

Putting myself about

I broke out of my comfort zone this week and joined a writing group. I have known for some time that this is a Good Thing for your writing but have been making excuses. However, the agent who read my novel suggested I join one. It seems like a good idea to take the advice of a professional … Continue reading Putting myself about