Putting myself about

I broke out of my comfort zone this week and joined a writing group. I have known for some time that this is a Good Thing for your writing but have been making excuses. However, the agent who read my novel suggested I join one. It seems like a good idea to take the advice of a professional … Continue reading Putting myself about

What will become of Me?

In Which our Heroine Jets Off into the Unknown Our cosy home of the last five years has been stripped back to its bare bones. Boxes have been shipped. We've craftily scattered pieces of ourselves all over London so it can't forget us. Playstation here. Wii there. Awesome ice-crushing cocktail blender inherited from sister to … Continue reading What will become of Me?

Pop-up ranting

Dear reader, let me apologise to you for interrupting your peaceful day with a rant. Last time I ranted, in the wake of the News of the Week scandal, I semi-promised myself I wouldn't post again until I'd goddamn finished a story. Apparently I lied. This time last week England was waking up after the worst … Continue reading Pop-up ranting

Sluts and naked bikers will not distract me

  Just another day in London. How I wish I'd been there to see the moment the Naked Bike Ride crossed paths with the Slutwalk, a protest against the suggestion that women's clothing is the cause of rape. I was indoors being virtuous, trying to compensate for my fecklessness and lack of focus of late. … Continue reading Sluts and naked bikers will not distract me