A victory for sanity!

I've spent much of this past week basking in schadenfreude in the most unseemly fashion. Despite the best efforts of America's super-rich, Obama was re-elected. For the first time ever, I wanted to watch Fox News, to see for myself as they were hoist on their own petard. I settled for watching Donald Trump's live … Continue reading A victory for sanity!

First battle won, on with the fight

I've really been trying to stick to the plan of focussing on my longer projects. Really. And I'm doing okay. Good even. But media ownership and press freedom are two issues guaranteed to get me saddling up my hobby horse at the best of times. I've been railing against Murdoch and the tabloids for years, … Continue reading First battle won, on with the fight

More writing on writing

A new post in my occasional series On Writing, discussing goals. Goal setting is popular in pop psychology (along with 'visualisation') but I'm not telling you to write down your goals. I feel like I've discovered the secret to goal setting, although actually it's research that's been around for years. I'll give you a hint: … Continue reading More writing on writing

No more Ms Nice Guy

Today's post is a review of John Pilger's new film The War You Don't See. It's screening tonight on ITV at 10.30pm. If you're in the UK, I urge you to watch it. If you follow this blog you'll know I believe that access to the truth, to reliable information, is essential for democracy. Watching … Continue reading No more Ms Nice Guy