Thank you, thank you very much

It was Thanksgiving in America this week, as you're probably aware (Robyn, You have nine friends in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Create a post now!) There's so much I could say about Thanksgiving. It's kind of gross, Obama jolly jolly for the cameras, pardoning a turkey while Native American protesters (and their supporters) … Continue reading Thank you, thank you very much

Go love yourself

I've been learning mindfulness as part of my efforts to manage my own stress. It's been about a year, but recently I've taken part of a couple of workshops lead by a psychologist and performance coach, and it's deepened my understanding of the theory. One of the great insights for me is the role of … Continue reading Go love yourself

Surviving ‘interesting’ times

What a week it was! I can't actually bring myself to list all the nasty shit that went down. Who knew the 21st century would be notable for its cold acceptance of child torture in developed nations? I had mindfulness training on Tuesday, which was great. I have been toying with meditation using apps but the … Continue reading Surviving ‘interesting’ times