What will revive the Spirit of 45?

I watched the Spirit of '45 today, the new Ken Loach documentary about the post-war rise of the Labour movement. I learned about the war in school but they never told me about what happened afterwards. How after the war the people of Britain said "Enough." The men who'd fought against fascism and the women … Continue reading What will revive the Spirit of 45?

Ho Ho Ho or Bah Humbug?

I caught the bus into town yesterday. As we passed the Houses of Parliament, where Chancellor George Osborne was giving his budget statement, I saw a very sad looking Santa Claus, begging on the streets. On my lap was a copy of the morning's Metro. The headline read 'Third World Britain' and the lead story … Continue reading Ho Ho Ho or Bah Humbug?

Pop-up ranting

Dear reader, let me apologise to you for interrupting your peaceful day with a rant. Last time I ranted, in the wake of the News of the Week scandal, I semi-promised myself I wouldn't post again until I'd goddamn finished a story. Apparently I lied. This time last week England was waking up after the worst … Continue reading Pop-up ranting