Shameless plug: Eyes on Script

Hi there, me again, trying to slowly ease you back into the idea of me, blogging. If you've followed me for a while, you might remember I came to writing through scriptwriting. A vague desire to be a filmmaker morphed into a slightly less vague ambition to be a writer/producer after I made a couple … Continue reading Shameless plug: Eyes on Script

Curse you, Inner Critic!

I had an epiphany today. I've been down for a few days and struggling to make any progress with my writing. I pitched my screenplay project to producers and agents at the London Screenwriter's Festival last month. To my utter delight, I was asked to submit it to a few people. It felt like an … Continue reading Curse you, Inner Critic!

A lesson from Charlie Kaufman

Two blog posts in three days. Is this what procrastination looks like now? I'll get back to it right away, I promise. I found a lecture by Charlie Kaufman,  one of my writing heroes, on BAFTA's Guru website (which I highly recommend to all aspiring filmmakers or lovers of film) recently, so I put the podcast … Continue reading A lesson from Charlie Kaufman

A new rant and an update

Hello, dear reader. It humbles me when I come back to the blog after an absence and see the viewing stats continuing to climb. Okay, it seems many of you get here looking for the hot surfer, but I know at least some of you stay and read some of my writing. Thanks for that. … Continue reading A new rant and an update