Sam Brown is on sabbatical

Following the launch of Tribute, author Sam Brown has retired from public life. Author Sam Brown's final public appearance, on Neen Cohen's Hyperactive Bookworm channel November 4, 2021, marks the end of a decade-long writing career in which, she acknowledges, too much time was spent on Twitter. She retires from public life following the publication … Continue reading Sam Brown is on sabbatical

I love a dude with a problem

I hope you're not expecting some sort of romantic confessional from that headline! I'm talking genre, not actual dudes. I recently re-read Stephen King's Misery because I've been listening to Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, and Misery is used as an example of the "dude with a problem" sub-genre she describes … Continue reading I love a dude with a problem

Icing on the publication cake

My first short story to be published in an anthology is now out in the world! I know it's not the greatest achievement a writer can aspire to, but it's a significant milestone for me. The book launch was SUCH FUN. Some dear friends and family members came to support me, which I am deeply … Continue reading Icing on the publication cake

How I became an Amazon bestseller

True story. Well, me and 15 other writers, anyway: all the contributors to Elemental, an anthology of short fiction. Heres' the proof: The book became the No 1 bestseller in its Amazon category for ...a couple of hours, maybe, after the book became available for pre-order. Our book launch isn't until the end of July....come … Continue reading How I became an Amazon bestseller