New York, New York

The city so nice, they named it twice (just like Wagga Wagga!) I was lucky enough to spend a week there recently, visiting with my sister and her husband who live Stateside. We've all been before, so we spent our time exploring the city on foot, with a loose itinerary of restaurants and bars recommended … Continue reading New York, New York

Nanny state v. state

This week's post is a piece I started when I was back in Australia briefly the other week: Clubbing Aussie style. Most regular readers of this blog are Australian so my efforts to explain the vernacular will be redundant, but I live in hope of world domination. In a shameless effort to achieve same, I've … Continue reading Nanny state v. state

Home and away

Two reviews for you this week. First of all, last weekend I went to Rome. The idea was to get away from it all while London was awash with crowds for the Royal Wedding. Not quite how it panned out: with a Pope being sainted, Rome was probably the only city in Europe busier than London. … Continue reading Home and away

Back, out of the saddle

Thanks to my recent trip, this week's post is a review. My holidays are usually entirely independent, and my first experience of organised tours couldn't have been better. Back in Brixton, the leaves are turning on the trees and the weather is turning cold. Perfect weather for staying in and writing.